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Abstract? Say What?

Yeah, so, remember those drawings in my sketch book. Well I decided to make a big one. Its pretty obvious that I have been influenced by my roommate who paints similar shapes and is very abstract. Difference being, her stuff usually has a point, and this is basically just Pretty Colors swirling all over with no way to go. Its pretty big, Ill measure it and post another pick when its done. Again its on a stupidly heavy material. Particle board i think its called. Anyway, again its not done, this can be just an underpainting, or I could just let it be. It looks really trippy in person. Please let me know what you be thinking yo.

PS Does anyone know anyone who would buy paintings by the pound. haha.

Carrot sticks and Banana Bread


Alexandra said...

Like I was saying to you on aim before (lol), I like that it is mostly cool colors, with the warm colors on the bottom right corner. I like the swirls, it makes the piece really dynamic. Can't wait to see it finished! XD

Alexandra said...

Btw, what is with you and all these crazy materials lol. Particle board? What is next?

jarold said...

its madness!

Paul said...

I really like it- a lot.

Ernesto said...

nice, though sometimes you may want to think there's no point only because it's easier to say that. it's actually an exercise in creativity. you doodle cuz u can, same with painting. and I think it's MDF, not particle board, ya crazy.