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Poster Redesign

Well, as some of you know, My portfolio class is a little less than... anything really. Its basically do what you want. I came up with this idea to maybe redesign movie posters for some of my favorite movies, and then make a book of my designs. I am not sure if this is a good idea yet, but just so I can say I did something... I tried my hand at redesigning the Desperado poster. I guess its not an amazing poster, but i love it, i love how simple it is and the photo. Not to crazy about the type. Anyway, here is my first try at the redesign.

(mine / original)

Well, I am open to all suggestions. I the guitar shapes I drew, along with the 'blood' splatters. The gun is an istock illustration. Now the movie has a very grungy low budget, western feel, and a very bloody feel aswell. I was trying to capture this without using any photos. I like it, but i still dont feel like i have arrived anywhere yet. I will be showing this to my prof tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes... if you care that is. :-)

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Alexandra said...

I like it! Maybe you should use a western-looking font to emphasis that part of the move more, or at least a serif font. (I know some of the gd lingo lol). Let us know what your prof says!!!!