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Summer Sketch Book

Well, since as you all know, i have been disconnected from life, so I have actually been using my sketchbook, experimenting, drawing people on the train etc etc. So I scanned in some stuff from my little sketch book. Ive been playing around alot with some abstract stuff, none of it really has any meaning, unless you want to give it some. They are basically just studies of colors and texture and markers and stuff and stuff and *boom* please, let me know twat you think.


jarold said...

you're like REALLY good with hair u know htat? and the crazy color ones (especially with the words) reminds me of white fluffy clouds.


Alexandra said...

Markers are awesome, 'nuff said.

Alexandra said...

Omg the blue abtraction piece just loaded up... I heart it.

Laz said...

I LOVE that one with the girl and the hair.. its so awesomundo :)