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Sarah Connor Chronicles: Poster Contest

Hey everyone,

so aparently (thanks to the heads up from Shal), FOX is jumping on the bandwagon and having fans create some posters for the new Terminator TV Show they are releasing this january. The posters have been mighty interesting thus far, and I totally plan on entering the contest. I slapped together a quick concept, and will be working on several others i'm sure until the deadline. Below is the concept i finished, and a link to the other posters created. Unfortunately, they have limited everyone by chosing the most dull poses in the world of photography. But we'll see what can be put together.

Link to Official Posters:

1 comment:

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

is that you on the back? with your hair down?
I like it, it's dramatic.
I didn't like the type you used for "the mother..."