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Illustration. Websites. Because I wanna.

Below is an illustration I had created, meaning to make it into my new website.
Instead, I opted for a much simpler, easily accessible site that showcased the works more than a large image vessle.

So click below to visit the new site and let me know what you all think:

Here's the illustration mentioned above:


Paul said...

Like I told you, I think the site looks great. The body text is hard to read being so small and against the blue grid. If you just add white behind them in the CSS (like the navigation), then you should be fine.

Alexandra said...

You banana! I was thinking of putting a lightly colored grid as a background for my website. I agree with Paul about the readability. Other than that, spiffy makeover.

Shalimar said...

This is a fun illustration. But building a website around this is a huge pain in the ass.