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Company Party Posters

A poster I did for the company party for the holidays. The information is FPO, and the poster was done in quantum speed due to the fact that I'm busy with other projects.


Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

enough with the excuses Laz.
Stop it!

Paul said...

I like them both! I the second one works better for me...the elements seem better integrated with each other.

Shalimar said...

I like these alot. I love the second one. I feel like you should have pushed a little more with the Hitchcockiannessicty of it. But I know that time was deff an issue. The type spacing tho is driving me nuts. Either make it all screwy and feel hand done, or make it flow. But, I digress, I think that obviously had alot to do with the fact that you did it in like 5 minutes. And for 5 minutes, its amazing!