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I don't have much art work of my own which hasn't been posted elsewhere, but I do have some layouts I just pitched with a friend to this comic anthology put out by Image called "PopGun (vol.2)". Our pitch was approved so hopfully someday in the future the finished product will appear in there...which I haven't started drawing yet.

These are only 2 out of the 4 pages.I know they're impossible to read but just thought I'd share them anyway. Oh! And the story is called Riconcito and is written by Michelle Fiffe.

Speaking of Michelle Fiffe, check out his work, it's bloody excellent: PANORAMA

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Alexandra said...

Congrats on your pitch going through! I've followed Panorama (until recently)and its a better crazy/interesting/unique comic. And you know I am HUGE fan of your work (teehee).