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[WIP] Fish Tank Illustration

An illustration that I am working on for work. This is supposedly going to end up being animated some how either in Flash or AE. It was fun to do, because I got experiment with a different style that I wouldn't normally do.


Alexandra said...

Love it! I think the first thing I said when I saw the WIP shot was that it was unlike the style I am accustomed seeing from you. But I freaking luff it. And that little net is the best thing ever.

Was this all PS booj?

Shalimar said...

HEHE. Thanks for the love. This was all done in photoshop. I sketched it out really quick on the photoshop page with the pen tab then just used the pen tool to create all the shapes and shading etc. I think my thought process went by so quick. My boss said 'Fish' and the first thing that came to my head was "paper cut outs." I think I blame Pixar for this. I thought of Finding Nemo, that lead me to think about the making of Pixar movies, which then made me thing of some of the concept art for The Incredibles, which has this paper cut out retro look to it. Obviously this doesn't look very retro, but I deff got the simplified shapes and paper feel idea from that. But, the truth is, i didn't realize all this till now. It just happened automatically at the time due to how fast i had to produce it. Hows that for a long winded comment! Thank you again!

Paul said...

Well, you know I love this illustration. I love the net...something about it is so much fun.