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WIP/ Buffy

A work in progress of some fiddling around i'm trying with PS and shading/coloring. Buffy Inspired obviously.


Alexandra said...

This portrait study doesn't look like Buffy to me. At least I don't see the resemblance yet. But I love the wip so far! You have to show me how you fudge around in PS cuz when I tried to do something like this I exploded, and almost took Shalimar out with me.

Christine said...

i like this too. i am a huge buffy fan. the covers for season 8 are totally amazing. i also have a hard time doing shading like this in PS. Do you use a lot of layer masks? What's your technique? I would be really interested if you put up a step by step kind of thing. you put great work up, but whats the process...from concept on to production to finished piece.