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Better. Regina Spektor.

The Latest video from Regina Spektor off of her album, 'Begin to Hope'.
I thought i'd share, as it's a very interestingly simple video. The style used on Regina and the treatment of her features was very striking to me, and even a little strange. Regina Spektor is very reminiscent of Tori Amos in this video in my opinion..

Whaddya think?


Paul said...

Woah...I really liked that. That's one of my favorite songs off the album.

HOWEVER, more interesting than the video, is the song....the version used in this video is a COMPLETELY different recording...which I think I may like even BETTER than the original album version. There's actually two new versions of Better available on iTunes.

Paul said...

Here's the original song/video which was released around the time of the album last year:

Laz said...

I agree with you. The video and song version are really much better than the original recording. I saw the first video she released last year and it made me dizzy. :(

BUT i like this one tons :)

Alexandra said...

Lovely video. She is tremendously talented.

Shalimar said...

shes so pretty. I love this videos. all the videos i know of hers are consistently amazing.