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WOW! Original content to post!

So, I've had this concept floating around in my head for several months. In a perfect world, I'd actually like to do an entire series of "Web 2.0 Branding" spots...but we'll have to wait and see how that goes.

So, as some of you may know, I'm an avid user of Last.FM (since before it was even called "Las") and I've always been a fan of their charts and color scheme (Dunno why), so I kept imagining how a mograph commercial would look. I really like the idea of taking something we normally associate with the web, and bringing it into a new medium- I find it exciting.

So, the piece itself is short, and it has a few "bugs" which irritate me, but I'm confident most people wouldn't notice. My original concept only consisted of the last part (the "button" falling down and the line of type)....but I had a lot of fun with the charts once I got the idea. I feel like the entire thing starts off very weak and grows stronger as time progresses. But whatever.

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Laz said...

cool stuff Paul! I particularly like the animation you used on the button,turning into the logo.. it came out very sleek and nice. The only part i'm wondering on, is the initial intro animation with the different music personalities. Is music stalker something related to them? Just curious.

Paul said...


Yeah, I'm not thrilled with the 'writing'....but "Music Stalker" is how I always see Last.FM users....I go around and view peoples charts and stalk artists progress, etc.....I dunno. Maybe it's lame.

Ideally, I wanted it to be like an "Escalation" from "Music Fan" to "Music Stalker"....but I guess it doesn't really read. Oh well.

Alexandra said...

Yayie for original content! I approved this video for render the other day, so you know I like it. I agree that LastFm is for music stalkers.

Laz said...

Yea, i was curious.. I know nothing about Last.FM so i wasn't sure if it was an allusion to that... now it makes more sense to me :)

Shalimar said...

i love the list effect. im trying to wrap my head around how you did that. and my favorite part is the end aswell.

Christine said...

i like the sense of depth in the paint splatters. i was having a great conversation with an animator friend of mine last night about how much better the 3D cameras and motion tracking have gotten in After Effects. Cool stuff!