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All the cool kids are doing it...

I was doing my usual Movie Poster run on IMP Awards and realized that in the past year, a new fad has come into play with the many studios designing out there. Looks like everyone has taken inspiration from the 60's film posters and Saul Bass' segmented look made famous in the design for 'Anatomy of a Murder'. What do you all think? Does it work?


Alexandra said...

Yeah, I have seen quite a few that are inspired from Saul Bass' designs or other 60s movie posters. I think some are more successful than others (Protagonist, The Prisoner, and Before The Devil Knows Your Dead), but overall I like this style. And I like that there are some designers out there making bolder, riskier choices in poster design.

Paul said...

I've always liked the style- as long as it isn't over-used, I'll be fine.

I think the Flawless poster has too many different styles competing for attention (3 or 4 fonts, the illustration, and the photo-collage). For a 'simple' poster, it sure over-does it.

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead is nice, very simple.

The Prisoner's title is a take-off of Dr.Strangelove...but the style isn't (quite). I think it'd be a lot more interesting to take the "homage" all the way and copy the style of the famous poster:

I like the text in Protagonist, but the hands and lines bore me.

Wristcutters is too busy for my tastes- though I've heard good things about the film, itself.

The Andrew said...

i think i don't know who saul bass is...

am i supposed to?

if yes: please tell me.