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Today, or shall I say yesterday, I went to the MOMA with the fabulous Melinda Mantooth. Wherein she gave me the Melinda Guided Tour of the museum. Giving me awesome information and stories that I didn't know about most of the work I saw. She should seriously consider getting paid to do that. Anyway, I took a butt-load of pictures. I will upload some favorites, and the rest can be found here. Leave Comments on the Picasa page if you like.

Art can be deadly. Unless you are under 5 feet tall.

Melinda's favorite painting ever. Roberto Matta.

One of my favorites. Ill be damned if i remember the name.

Another favorite of mine. This one is a Jackson Pollack

I though Laz would like this one. Kara Walker.

Love this one, I bought a poster of it.

PID Favorite, Barbara Krueger

Helvetica Face.


The Andrew said...
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The Andrew said...

ok... Christina's World is depressing. I call it BLithe field for some reason. I like my name better. :)

Paul said...

Picassa? That came out of left feild.

Shalimar said...

Not that left. Ive had it for a while. And i didnt want to post all 95 pictures on the blog and have the rain of death come down on me. And I am also to lazy to make my own gallery on my server. Sooo... YEAH!

Alexandra said...

Awesome! The girl lying on the field, I remember that painting well, but never the title of it. I remember it from high school. Mr and Mrs would use that as one of the principles of art. You should convince Melinda to become a tour guide for the MoMA.

Laz said...

We should make a museum and have Melinda be the main attraction. She could do a song and dance number while doing math equations.. cool huh?