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Creative children or gay children?

I saw this in the middle of the night walking home.


Laz said...

Firstly, this is a very interesting photograph. I love the composition and shape that the colored in bricks have created. It works on a lot of levels for me. Cool find.

Secondly though, I have to say that your post title is a little tasteless. I understand that rainbows have an iconic corrolation to the gay community, and that stereotypes unfortunately exist. But I do feel you fed into that in a way that isn't with reason or validity, just as a joke or side-laugh.

It's a beautiful image and that's what I see foremost.

Alexandra said...

I agree, you could have picked a better title for the post. Aside from that, I have always been a fan of sidewalk drawings. Especially those that have really good perspective, so when you view them from an angle, it's as real as anything.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

Oh Pfft to both of you.

Lame joke? Maybe.

Tasteless? Only if you don't know any gay children who play on the sidewalk.

The rainbow image isn't a "stereotype", it's an actual icon used by the gay community, itself! That's like saying if I use blue, white and red in some design, then I'm playing into the unfortunate american stereotype.

But I think all of that is beside the fact because the title is a question- you could have simply answered "they're creative, not gay".

Laz said...

I think what ultimately played into the stereotype is that you corrolated the rainbow with 'gay' immediately. That and your title came off derogatory. You may not see it this way, and it's fine to disagree. But i still find it to be tasteless.