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So, I pass by this LCD subway ad everday with abc content on it. They
recently updated with some new stuff including a new shiny logo (it
actually animates splashing through water but that's impossible to
take a photo of.)

Anyway, I think it looks very nifty and pretty, but part of me feels
guilty because its defiling Paul Rand's classic mark. Any thoughts?


Laz said...

I think that a brand should definetly do anything they can to improve upon their identity. The logo is still intact, just modernized and updated. I think it looks sleek and lovely.

Shalimar said...

the idea is intact, it does look sleek, its just going to keep evolving with the times. Look at the UPS logo.

I cant give a clear concise thought on this because my thoughts keep canceling each other out. The sleek is fun, but it can easily get tired. But then again, the simple flat logo that rand did apparently got tired. Then again, that logo has been around for 45 years. This metallic thing wont be around for 45 years. Its just the company trying to make their network seem more edge and modern.I think i would be very upset if NBC tried to take there logo and dip it in chrome. So just to prove my point, none of my thoughts make any sense.

Paul said...

To be fiar, NBC does quite a bit with their logo- I've seen it flat, shiny, glass-like, metal, glowing, etc.