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Internal Unrest

Brief by Laz:

Today, as Shalimar and I were walking around the city near our job, we came across this art installation by chance and found it to be really interesting. Peering through the glass windows, you see the gloomy placement of an upper crust living space covered with white. The atmosphere is dark and unsettling at first, yet somehow captivating enough to keep you watching. After reading the artist's brief for the piece, we were informed that the piece was meant to emulate the idea of solitude, fear, and displacement. A huge frame hovers above the space with a screen beneath it. The frame holds 1,000 lbs of flour that is slowly dispersed and left to accumulate on the space. Little by little the flour covers the entire space until all that remains is white dust where a room once lay.

It was a really beautiful sight and I recommend you all take a look at it. It's on about 48th and 3rd avenue.


Paul said...

what is this?

Alexandra said...

Oh now I understand. That's pretty crazy! Installations are fun.