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West Wing DVD Design Review

I purchased "The West Wing: The Complete Series" from eBay this week and it arrived today. I knew what the box looked like, but I was really quite surprised at just how well designed the entire thing was. I'm used to DVD sets that are thrown together as after-thoughts. Most movie DVDs are really sad...bad design, etc. TV DVDs, being more expensive seem to be a bit better.

I wish I could find out who designed this set, the details and "fit & finish" of it are incredible. Here are some pictures and comments:

The concept is setup as a box of files with an official presidential seal- nifty. With over 45 discs, it's a very heavy box, for it's size.

The box has the real seal of the president, embossed in metal. As I understand it, government designs (money, seals, flags, etc) all fall under public domain, which explains why it can be used here and in the show.

When you open the box, you can see each season of episodes has it's own little "manilla folder" with a tab identifying it. It's worth noting that the main flap of the box has very strong, little magnets in it to keep it's got an incredible "snap"...very satisfying.

Here you can see the files up-close.

Here's season 1

It gradually unfolds...revealing 7 you unfold, you're greeted by a VERY large photo of President Bartlett (Martin Sheen)...I like big photos in design.

The inside of the folder isn't very exciting, design-wise- But that's allowable...It's just to present the DVDs as simply as possible. The other 6 seasons are similar, just with different cast member's photos in the folder.

The set comes with two booklets. One contains the pilot script and a personal message from creator, Aaron Sorkin (left). The other is a thick episode guide (right). The script book is very straight-forward....all text.

The inside of the episode guide is another affair....It's very nicely designed- sharp, clean pictures and screen grabs...the entire book includes a metallic spot-color in certain areas. The inside cover has the presidential seal printed in this color (the photo doesn't show how much it pops).

Here you can see one of the more boring pages. I don't know why I shot this one. The gray on the right page is metallic spot-color.

Trying to show the metallic...failing.

Some black & white pictures are printed with the white replaced by the metallic spot- it creates and incredibly SLEEK effect.

Overall. I'm very impressed.


Shalimar said...

Very Impressive Design. I would also like to know who designed this. Also, very impressive post/review of the design. Thank You ;-)

Alexandra said...

I agree. It's a very well-designed DVD set. I always wanted to see that show... guess I'll have to borrow it from someone...

Laz said...

I love the concept and execution of this dvd set. I have to agree with you that TV DVD's seem to really do much more than film DVD's. They really put some thought into them. This one's great and even gets me interested in a show I would otherwise not want to watch.

madison said...
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Anonymous said...

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