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2 Minute Posters

When I woke up this morning I was trying to find a way to inspire and motivate myself to get to work. So i decided to do some speed/automatic designing.

In this case, the alphabet worked out well. I ended up designing 26 posters in under an hour, then I went back and made a few 2 minute revisions. They are very simple, but, again it was only 2.3 minutes a letter.

Anyway, You guys should try some speed art, its a good way to loosen up before beginning work on a big project.

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Alexandra said...

Nice man! I like them, very unique ways to represent all the letters of the alphabet. I had a similar project in my Principles of Design class sophomore year, but it have to do with the words "tiny" and "large", not just letters. I also had to make something out of letters, like a pattern or animals or what have you. The ones I did ended up bleh. I'll try doing a little "speed" designing tonight and see what I end up with. Good job Shally! And I have seen this green background before...