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Blue Icons: A Plea For Sanity

I have too many blue icons- and it's not my fault. By far, the majority of the applications I have, possess a blue icon of some sort. Programmers, companies, developers, designers- please stop using blue. Remember iTunes 4-6? It had a green icon. BOY, those were the days. Even iTunes 3 was purple...a step away from blue. What about when iChat had the yellow running AOL guy? MEMORIES!

Now we have icons like Photoshop CS3- A blue square. Thanks, adobe.

Thanks to this blue-happy craze, I now have to deal with BULLSH*T like THIS! LORD HELP ME!


Shalimar said...

i am going to make this whole blog blue, so you can really wish my death. :-D

Paul said...

I dont mind blue. I mind blue icons.

Jarold Guzman said...

In yo face, sucka!

Anonymous said...

I like blue and I think it is great there are a lot of blue icons. There is nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your problems dude!