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New Uglies

Hey All. I have some new Uglies to show you.

You all know Mr. Pid, the unofficial mascot of partners in design. On the train, i did an Uglies version of him. Im thinking... I would like all of you to do your own interpretation of him and post him. Its pretty simple. so... DO IT.

Here are two drawings of the same person. On the path I saw this old indian woman who looked like one of my ugly people drawings. I couldnt resist. The first drawing on top, was me drawing her on the train as fast as i could before my stop. The second one is my reinterpretation of the same drawing. It has given me the idea to start basing my uglies on real uglies.

As most of you know, i have gone back to work for my uncle part time and the liquor store. And while standing there bored, i realized what I can do while im bored... doodle. Anyway, so here is my line of weirdos.


Monica said...

I know some ugly people you can draw... :)

Alexandra said...

I like! But why is Mr PID armless?