Partners In Design



Hey Guys! Firstly, Just wanted to say in post form that I really have loved everything that everyone has been posting! From Shalimar's amazing "uglies" (Which are a really interesting direction), to Paul's awesome motion work (Government Execution is the best!), Alex's awesome animation work (I'm dying to see more!), and Jarold's cool logo work. I'm just honored to be in this blog with all of you. :)

Below i've included just some snips of things I'm working on for my first publication at my new job. I'm really happy at this place and feel like myself and the art director are pushing each other to create some interesting work for a trade publication. These are some of the opening pages for the editorials and a couple of ads that companies outsourced to us that i created.


Paul said...

I absolutely love "Meet the Planners"'s just too great.

Shalimar said...

uhg *jealous* its great!