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Magazine In Progress

I barely post anymore, mainly because I am lazy. I have given in to the lazy monster. But, I have a nice big fat post for all you post addicts.

For my 07 Portfolio, I am making another magazine. Its going to be the centerpiece to my already small portforlio, I don't have much yet to show for a semester and half of work... but anyway, changing topics....


Alexandra said...

Spiffy-tastic! I especially love the Stage Fright and Ny Conflict pages. Can't wait to see the whole thing put together. Also, are you still working on that sketchbook idea as a companion to your portfolio? Because I think that would be a great idea... I went to this resume thing at SVA and the woman said they love seeing the process to the final product. Think about it! :-P

Paul said...

Fix the "NYConflict" logo on the red coat page and you'll be golden.

I like how you call ME the ITC Conduit whore. Hypocrite.

Also, I'd like the point out to everyone that I'm Shalimar's official headline writer on the last spread.

Laz said...

I love it so far! I especially like the first few pages, and I love the colors and feel of NY Conflict. Beautiriffic!

I will say though, I would love to see you play with the RENT WARS article. Im still not digging it. It seems a bit all over the place.

And Conduit is the superiffic font of 2007 officially right now. Im using it at my job like it's going out of style.. That and Meta! Woot woot!