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The French Love Me

So last week a former customer of mine sent me an email to let me know that a portrait I had drawn was featured on Elle magazine's French website. Cool!

So I hop on over to and sure enough, there it is:

My first thought was that this individual had an article written about him, and in lieu of providing Elle with a photo, he gave them his drawing. But no, I was wrong. It was way cooler.

If you clicked through to the story, it features a much larger version of the image and a bunch of French that I was unable to read:

Nifty. Though, if you run the text through a translator, it becomes clear that the story actually has something to do with the portrait- This story is filed under "Weight loss" and apparently, this individual was inspired to lose 20 kg because the way I had drawn him showed him thinner than he really was. So my portrait was his impetus for getting in shape! Cool, right? The best part is my URL, is mentioned several times throughout the article.

Original Article
Translated Article

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