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Hey everyone, been spending the past few hours going back to the old magazine i started months ago when Shal was taking her editorial class. I decided to just do it along with her and start practicing. In light of a new job, I am now picking this old file up and improving/ practicing my indesign and editorial skills.. Tell me what you think!


Alexandra said...

Nice magazine spreads. Just be careful with spelling and syntax. I think you can push the Heroes + Villians spread a little more. My absolute favorite is the Natalie Portman article. But maybe I'm being biased, because I love her :-P

Shalimar said...

Looking at this after not looking at it for a while, I deff see it differently. I see that your FOB pages are super dense. You should try and giving it more white space, more air. It feels like legos on top of one another. I also agree with alex about the Heroes+Villains. You have this picture with all this depth, play around with the type a bit more. With the NAT page, the left page and right page dont seem to be part of the same spread, make it more of a spread, maybe reflect whats happening in the picture with the type.
I really like your box elements. Your color choose is pretty fun, but be careful, you dont want it to look like a crayon box.

I apologize for any typos, i dont feel like rereading this. :-)