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Up & Coming Artist: Danny Gomez

Ok. He is only 6, and he is my little brother, and I admit to have the proud older sister complex going on here. But he did some drawings today that blew my mind, and I am willing to make a bet that he will end up some sort of artist when he grows up.

Here is his batman drawing. He has had the Bat symbol down to a science since he was about 3 or 4. My favorite part of this though, is of course the lettering on the top. So much attention to detail and if you look closely, he drew bats inside some of the letters.

And this. He did the 30 days of night logo and a scary vampire thing! Off the top of his head.

Here is his take on the superman returns poster

And this just blew me away. I had no idea what it is he drew, and I asked him, he said it was the cable company. Then I think I peed myself a little bit.

He drew a logo! Again off the top of his head. We then went to McDonalds and he was staring at the golden arches on the french fries and i asked him what he was looking at and he said the M and that he liked it.

Kids gunna be some sort of awesomeness, I'm taking him to ComicCon tomorrow for kids day. I cant wait to see how he reacts to all the awesomeness.

Ok I'm done. :-D



Ernesto said...

Oh wow! thanks for taking him to Comicon!

thanks for posting his work too! He should be a PID member!

I'm just stunned and proud. So cool!

Alexandra said...

Looks like big talent runs in the family ;-)