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Mustang Monoprints

Yesterday in my printmaking class, I made my first batch of monoprints. Basically, you work ink on plexiglass, and once you are done manipulating it, you transfer your result onto paper. It's a much more dynamic way of creating prints (compared to etching), and I find the process relaxing yet energizing. Although I still have to get used to moving the ink around with rollers and q-tips. Shalimar made an interesting comment about monoprints: she said she deeply respects artists that make art that will eventually be destroyed. It takes a strong individual to be able to keep making art, even with the knowledge that their art is at best temporary and at worst a faded memory. This printing technique surely tests those limits for me, and hopefully it will make me a better artist in the the long run.


Paul said...

I love the one with the pink fringing.

Shalimar said...

i horse is a horse of course of course. Love them. I cant draw animals, they always end up look discombobulated. How great is that word, discombobulated.