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Bjork: Wanderlust Video

Okay, so someone at work sent this to some of us last night, and in true Bjork fashion, this video is frakkin amazing! I was enthralled to no end with it's beauty, style, narrative, and production. I urge all of you to take a look at this video in full and experience it. It's quite possibly (aside from 'All is full of Love') my favorite Bjork Video and definetly contends with any of my other favorite videos ever created. I'm including a few different formats in this post. Below is the youtube version, but the link to the high quality (a must see to see all of the detail) is directly below, followed by the making-of video.




Making of:

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Alexandra said...

Yes, I saw this video the other day on Motionographer. Bjork must be amazing to work with, because all her videos are just so insane. I love when people are open to crazy, mind-shattering ideas. Makes for better art. And those bison rock!