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Brand Creation: Lumix Cameras

Every year, in the AD world, a large number of Account Managers and Client Based AD agency employees come together to create work on building a brand from the ground up. People from all different agencies are randomly placed into groups and have to work on Mission Statements, Brand Books, Taglines, Campaign Strategies, Ads, Creative, and everything under the sun related to the brand they are given to strategize.

One of my co-workers, who I might add is the loveliest person ever, asked me to work on this project as the creative director and aid in putting together some rough ideas of the campaign strategies. The Brand was Panasonic's new line of Lumix DS Cameras. So following the base that they decided upon, I created a campaign from scratch in ONE WEEK's time.. and nearly died in the process. I've had to create a brand book, a print campaign, a brand website, a contest landing page, and web banners in rich media. All of this in one week, staying late nights, and working on everything i've had to do for my real job has seriously made me a bit batty as of today.. But i've survived and we're almost done.

Below is a rough rundown of the Brand site and the print ads. The brand site will be a fully interactive site that plays on the "Your World, Your View" tagline and creates a series of interactive world for the viewer. The worlds will have sound corresponding to their respective ideas, and will have sway capabilities when the mouse is rolled over (For instance, the hanging photos will begin to sway if the mouse hits them). Hopefully it comes off clear. If not, i'll find time later to further elaborate..



Alexandra said...

Impressive that you didn't explode while working on this! Good job Laz :-D

Shalimar said...

*closes jacket* I dont want to expose myself!