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RIPP: The Roosevelt Island Panorama Project

Octagon Park

Roosevelt Island Park Panorama

Roosevelt Island Off Ramp

Roosevelt Island Park Panorama

Eastwood Park Panorama

Riverwalk Panorama

Roosevelt Island Tram Panorama

Roosevelt Island West Side Panorama

After my initial tests, I decided to begin shooting as many panoramas as I could on Roosevelt Island. Here's my first batch.


RI 360 said...

Very very cool.

Alexandra said...

How on Earth did you get Flickr to work for you?

Oh yeah and nice photos :-)

Shalimar said...

yay great! you know would would be strange. if you printed these out really long and made them into some sort of circle thing and then you stand inside and spin around!

Anonymous said...

Nice work - I made one during night a couple of days before I left.