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Font of '08

We have a new typography expert in our midst, and her name is Tyra Banks. Yes, the expert on Fashion, Models and Talk Shows has set her sights on graphic design. Oh Joy.

"It's fierce, it's thin, and it's in", said Banks late Tuesday afternoon. "What we're seeing in font trends these days is a throw back to some of the earlier typeface fonts of the 1980's. Fat fonts like Arial and Courier are yesterday's news. Today's diva types up her self-involved and boring blog in the timeless and skinny Times New Roman font."

At least we can bet that she does her own research for the show.

Via College Humor

1 comment:

Laz said...

Question. What i got from this was that she's working on a font and that the person posting the excerpt was commenting on the use of TNR on her blog.. Any insight?

If she really was just speaking about TNR as the new "fierce", "thin", and "in" font, she needs to take some classes on self spontaneous combustion and do us all a favor.

If not, and she's creating a font. I would recommend the same solution. Can Tyra Banks just stay away from her quest at world domination? People don't like those who are self-involved and as power hungry as her.. Especially designers.

Tyra, stay away!!!