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Slowly Losing Touch

I was going through my notebook today, and figured I'd take a page out of the 'Shalimar Blogging Handbook' and post some pages here.

I think I'm losing touch with reality.


Shalimar said...

i love these, you have a very specific rough style. they are funny. dont moleskines rock!

Alexandra said...

Omg moleskins are overrated! Oddly enough, it is my dislike of expensive art supplies that makes me want to buy one... and add yet one more unused sketchbook to my collection. Score.

But I do love these sketched Paul! Especially the second one... haha I wish I had a long subway ride, because I find so many interesting people to draw... that NEED to be drawn. If only to prove they exist.

Alexandra said...

Fuck I meant "sketches". Wtf do I need to go back to school again for grammar and syntax???