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It's hard being green

Hey guys, I did a quick prototype for my website, to test out the design I want. I am HIGHLY picky/perfectionist/blah-zie, so please let me know what you think. I was going to save the ai file I was working on, but Illustrator wanted to be a poop, so it quit "unexpectedly" (I was in the process of saving, too. Oh the irony). But anyway, input is always appreciated. I am going to work on more prototypes tomorrow, so I'll post those once completed.

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Paul said...

I really like the first one (with green as the background and gray-green as the body). I think it meshes well with your green portrait. Whichever you go with, I'd consider a super-thin line to separate the portrait from the rest of the background....I assume you're going for something where the colors bleed into the site, but it's just not working quite as well for me.

I really love those little flowering pattern things- they's nifty. Add more. A lot more. Too much more!

I also like how in the portrait you gave things outlines, it's rather unique looking.

I'd like to see how to page looks with some actual samples filled in rather than blank spots, it's kind of hard to see.

Also, I wouldn't be afraid of using a third color in there (Like the red in the flowers).

The text I can take or leave. It's not the worst script font I've seen, but it isn't doing a whole lot for the design. Perhaps look for a nice serif to put it, or if you're really tied to "handwriting" thang, then just, ya know, write it by hand. Use a wacom or scan it in or somethin'. Real handwriting always looks cool...even if your handwriting sucks.

K? K.