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More website sketches

Here are some more ideas I came up with today. I think I like it, but I dunno about how to set up the main page, so please, input would kick ass.
I might just put all the art up on this page, and make smaller squares so it takes up more room? I am getting this idea from this website: Dean Trippe. He's a great cartoonist/illustrator, so check it out when you can. Then the four links on top (blog, contact, info, and links) will have separate pages. Woop! Also, I was thinking of doing an individual page for Alien Raver, so I did this quick doodle..
As you can see, that was really a half-assed sketch. Heehee. I know you GDs are all falling off your chair hating that bubbly font lol, but I am not going to use that one, because I have a self-made font for Alien Raver. So yeah... tell me what you think!!! ::faints::


jarold said...

i think its all sessy

Laz said...

I like those first two images you made, they have a nice simplicity. I would only say to change that blue in your name.. its a bit hard to read, but i definetly like the multicolor.

good job miss thang!

Mat Nowak said...

i really like your site/blog

check out mine