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I got a call recently from a close friend who just so happens to be my old director from my old high school's Musical Theatre department, mentioning that they were doing another show this spring and asking me wether I'd be interested in aiding them with some imagery for the show's marketing. At first I was a bit reluctant, as I've been going crazy with work and freelance, but in the end decided it could be a quick project to get out there. I figured that I could fit it in on my break at work and just in between any free time I'd have here and there, and I got myself into the mindframe.

The show is called "HAIR" and was a musical from the 70's about war and it's reprecussions, and learning to just be at peace and love with the world around you. It's a very happy go lucky musical, but the spin that my director decided to go for was one that was much more relevant in today's society, with very serious and dark undertones to it.

What was great for me in the process was that i got the opportunity to work with my friend, Alex (whom I usually do quite a lot of side work for on a LOT of his shows), with a completely different approach of designing and marketing a client's work. Since i've been working for my agency, i've really gained a lot of positive knowledge and understanding of the process of marketing. So this time, as it is the first time after learning so much, that I'm working with Alex, I feel so much more confident and prepared to propose ideas and follow them through. I did my research on the genres of the show, the messages, old war advertisments, and anything I could find to gain inspiration that was relevant and solid from history and the past. I took it all and started giving it a modern twist and came up with the images below.

He specifically wanted a set of different, iconic, and powerful imagery that said something about the themes of the musical. Although I'd like to ideally create about 3 more, these are the ones i've gotten to thus far. I think they get to the point and do what the client was looking for. These are just the front sides of the posters/postcards and the back will be solidified soon..
I just got excited by it all and wanted to share a stupidly long post about it :)


Shalimar said...

I think my favorite one is the grenade. You get all the fun jobs, all i do is design ugly brochures. I think after i graduate im going to become a coal miner. I have no talent.

Alexandra said...

I like the grenade and the canteen posters the best. Really spiffy. :D And I am going to smack Shal across the face for that "I have no talent" cacapoo.