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New Painting

Hey guys. Whats up, i have some stuff i did recently, tell me what you think. Also we are in talks about renting a gallery space and having an art show, if anyone is interested please let me know, because the more people involved the cheaper it is. And i was in the chelsea galleries and we are alot better than some of the stuff i saw, and we totally deserve to get ourselves out there. I can get my uncles liquor store to supply the booze, I can have a friend bartend and DJ, it can be something cool and maybe we can sell some art. Idk, just throwing the idea out there.

This is my latest painting that I painted last night. Its il on wood and spray paint and stuff.

And this I painted a while back, but this is a better picture of it.


jarold said...

you did that 1st painting in one night? cool. i wish i had the resources and what not.

Alexandra said...

Love the paintings woman. Very expressive. I have some stuff for an art gallery I suppose, give me the details.