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State of the Blog

PID has been seeing growth over the past few months. Nothing amazing, but growth none-the-less.

Since June 19th, PID has had:
9,845 visits
5,002 Unique Visitors
15,371 Pageviews
50% of which are new visitors

Back in June, we averaged between 9 and 20 visitors per day. That has been steadily increasing to the point where we now have between 37 to 103 visitors per day.

Our visitors are becoming more geographically spread out- Of our 9k visits, 7600 came from the United States. 400 came from the UK. 300 came from Canada. 120 came from Germany. 100 came from Australia. 70 each came from Spain, India, Japan, and Brazil. 60 came from France. We also have visitors from Italy, The Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea, Argentina, Denmark, Chile, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Norway and about 70 other countries.

Like I said, we're maintaining this growth with a healthy 49/51 split between returning and new visitors. I'm no statistician, but that seems like a really good place to be- that should mean we're getting just as many people to come back to the blog, as new viewers. However, our Visitor Loyalty index indicates otherwise. 50% of our viewers have only been to the blog once...ever. However, 40% of our visitors have been here more than 9 times (and 14 percent have been here more than 200)

The average time spent on the site has been decreasing. We hit peaks in September of about 20 minutes (not sure how) with averages in June and July around 12 minutes. Since October, the average is under 2 minutes. All these numbers average out to 3 minutes per visitor.

Our Bounce rate is a tad high (72 percent) which means people leave immediately after viewing the front page. Since most of our relevant content is on the front page, this doesn't concern me too much.

So there you have it.


Alexandra said...

Hurray for new visitors! I just wished they stayed on the blog for more than three minutes!

Shalimar said...

im surprised we were ever over 5 minutes. alot can be viewed in three minutes. esp an art blog where you just kinda scroll through the art.

Alexandra said...

Yes, 3 minutes on an art blog is a good time. But if only they left comments on some of the posts... that should be our next mission. Maybe because they have bosses looking over their shoulders?