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Artist Spotlight: Ariel Olivetti

As usual, I've decided to spotlight in a genre of art that I understand best: Comic Books. My next artist feature is on Ariel Olivetti. Olivetti is an Argentine artist and penciller best known for his work on American comic book titles such as Daredevil, X-Man, Space Ghost and Punisher War Journal.

Olivetti studied Graphic Design in college and first had his work published in the Argentine magazine Fierro. He created El Cazador de Aventuras, a popular adult comic in 1992.

His first American work was 1995's The Last Avengers Story, which was written by Peter David and published by Marvel Comics. He went on to have a brief stint as regular penciller on Marvel's Daredevil between 1997 and 1998, where he worked with writer Joe Kelly. His next major work was in 1998 when he worked with writer Steven Grant on the Warren Ellis devised "Counter X" revamp of Marvel's X-Man title. In 2005 he again collaborated with Joe Kelly on DC Comics Space Ghost limited series which revealed the character's origins for the first time.

Other titles he has worked on include Mystique and Sabretooth (1996), Alpha Flight (1997) and What If? (1997) at Marvel and JLA: Paradise Lost (1998), Haven: The Broken City (2002), Green Lantern (2003) and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (2006) at DC.

In 2006 he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and launched the second volume of Punisher War Journal with writer Matt Fraction.

Ariel is scheduled to illustrate a new Cable ongoing series that debuts in March 2008.


Alexandra said...

I like the examples you posted for Olivetti. A very particular style, but it works wells for the Marvel characters.

I really should pay more attention to names of pencillers/artists in the comic book realm. I know a few, but they tend to be more indie than mainstream. I'll do a spotlight of one of them soon.

Shalimar said...

I enjoy this guys style. It almost feels as if retro is meeting modern. And I would also like to know, which colorist he works with, or if he does the coloring himself. Because the coloring on some of these are amazing.

Laz said...

He primarily colors himself. It really is amazing work. He'll be fully illustrating in this very style for the upcoming Cable comic book I mentioned.

Here's a link to a preview of that upcoming run:

Cable Preview