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Movie Poster Corner

Just a quick comment on some movie posters that caught my attention as I was browsing through IMPawards. I found three posters, that follow that clean, minimal, Helvetica pattern that I always tend to lean toward.

Birds of America: This poster is so retro and fun. I LOVE the colors and the illustration is pretty great. It actually is telling a story with out being overly obvious. Also, the composition is very interesting. How everything is over to the side instead of being smack in the middle like most movie posters tend to be. Creates a tension that captures your attention.

Funny Games: This one caught my eye immediately. Due mainly to the dramatic image (dramatic in scale, cropping and context). Picture this at full size on a wall. It would be mesmerizing. After looking at it closely, I think its a painting (or a photo photoshopped to look like a painting). Either way, it works. And the type is simple and clean. I really like how they managed to put it on her face, it still be legible, and they didn't do the obvious thing and cram it up in the top part, leaving a nice empty space. The text and her eye make up the center of this poster, so your eyes immediately go to where they need to be.

Goliath: Well, this is just funny. I think this is Helvetica Ultra Condensed Bold. Well at least 99% of it is. Anyway, there is nothing really spectacular about this. But I cant help but find it charming.

Just Add Water: This one isn't Helvetica, but, i really like the illustration and i wish they didn't poop on it by putting all those photos on the bottom.

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