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So, no one seemed enthused about the challenge i posted, and in retrospect I feel it kinda SOOOOO..
I've changed the idea.. it's equally as open and equally as personal taste/ability based.

The revise is that we'll be creating a piece of art, which can be made of any medium you'd like (fine art, digital, sculpture, vector, photography), including three of your life inspirations. need some elaborating? The challenge is to create an entire composition of visual art containing in some form, three individuals that have inspired your life and your art form. These individuals can be music artists, fine artists, parents, actors.. as long as they are true inspiration to you and with reason to your art.

The pieces can be posted at your own time, whenever you'd like, but need to be completed by DECEMBER 15th. So there's a bit more of a limit on this one.

Tell me what you think, I think it works better and further stays on a more personal, interesting level.


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