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Steve DeFrank Documentary

Hey everyone! So I come today to share something awesome I stumbled across today through my journey along the interwebs. While studying at SVA a few years ago, I had one professor that truly embodied what it was to change someone for the best. His name? Steve DeFrank. This man was my sculpting professor and pushed my limits beyond anything imaginable. I never took to 3 Dimensional art, nor did I understand it, until him. He made me realize what an amazing artform it was and how I could translate the imagery I had in my head into a solid and intriguing structure to share with the world. His teachings are ones I will never forget. It's for this reason that today, I googled him in attempts to see what he had been up to, hence arriving to the following videos on his work.

Check out his process in creating 'Lite-Brite' Paintings here:

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Alexandra said...

Very interesting. I would go insane separating the pegs by color. The end result is worth all the insanity.