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Man. Busy last couple of days. I moved (and not totally unpacked), had some serious freelance work to do, and had to wait a few days to get my internet rolling again. But, I still managed to keep drawing on my sketchbook. Tomorrow Shal and I are heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so I hope to post those future sketches sooner than a rabbit teaches a potato how to tap dance. Word.


Shalimar said...

These are amazing. I love seeing your work. It really inspires me to keep on keepin on. I am in total love with the poppy field. I think it would make an amazing tattoo for someone brave enough. I love the orange swirlys ;-)

And the miracle orb fetus ameoba is awesomel too.

Alexandra said...

I'm happy you recognized that last one as a cell of some sort. That's what I was going for. The orange swirls are a tribute to all the swirls you did last year. And as for the poppy field, I still want to make a bigger version of it on bristol with gouache, and even try to silkscreen it. Since I only used two colors, I don't think it will be too painful.

Thanks for all the rad compliments :-)

Paul said...

Dorothy's hot.

Laz said...

i really love the colors on all of these too.. very sexy stuff.. i wanna seee moooooore

Anonymous said...

I really love the one of Dorothy and Toto in the Poppy Field. Everlasting sleep, eh? I loved the book so much, but the movies are kind of downers, you know? They do the book no justice. I like all of them, though. :D