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Where is everyone?

Hey All, Just posting to find out what happened to everyone's creative juices.. This blog was really thriving for a while and it became very exciting to see everyone's works and works in progress. I know you have stuff to show, im sure some of you are in classes that request some form of creation, and if not, even a doodle will suffice. Dont let the blog die out. :)

It's a form of escape for some of us, lets keep the art alive people!


Shalimar said...

awww. I appreciate you trying to keep the hope alive. I will be posting soon once my life calms down a bit. And btw, you owe me some hangout time.


Alexandra said...

Well I have been busy animating and as I was commenting to Paul,I can't really show any stills of it because the animation isn't finalized. So I have no proof of doing anything lol. But!!! I have been working on some stuff for my website, so I will post that soon. Word son!

Paul said...