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Jolly Green Alex

I want to redesign/redo my entire website. Why change it yet again? Can't be helped. Gives me something to do. Plus! I have a really good idea. :D

I want to use the pattern below and incorporate it into the design of the website (royalty free floral pattern.... score!). From that pattern, I will use the color palette throughout, explaining why I am green in that sketch. I was looking at Laz's site, so the sketch looks similar to his index splash for the moment. But I like the idea of having an index splash... is that even the right terminology? Anyway... I still do not have an idea for the rest of the site. So I have to brainstorm a little more. Poo.

Btw, the Wooster on Spring event was AMAZING! I'm on this insane creative high now.

I guess that inspired the green self portait lol.

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