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Double Take [Laz Edition]

I think we may be doing some random things like this where each of us displays works in an almost compare/contrast way amongst the three of us. So I'm making the first move and starting something I'm going to call Double Take , where we take some redesigns of Movie Posters that we have done individually and compare them to their originals. Here are two I did a bit while back for the films Silent Hill & V For Vendetta.


Paul said...

Hmmm. I think you picked two really hard movies here- only because both have really nice posters to begin with.

The V one seems to lack a focus. I see the title, I see the dude with the V, I see Portman and then I see the mask. They all fight for my attention with none winning out. The only thing that would pull my attention is the red color- but since that exists in two places, it doesn't do the job. The space just doesn't seem to be active- the original can be broken into 3, maybe even 2 main shapes.

As for the typography on it- The original poster did a really interesting thing by throwing the type at a 45 degree angle...It's dynamic, but rarely done with type. I think it works because they use the jacket/knife line as the center point and pivot everything on that.

I don't know if you did your sideways type as an homage to the original- I think it works, except for one thing: When americans read vertical type, it's more typical to read top to bottom, not the other way. It throws my eyes off a little. Also, the title is such a unique one- the original poster did a nice job playing the two "V"s off each other. I just don't feel the "V"s in the second one. And ALL that being said, Techno ain't my favorite font, but that's purely subjective- I think for what the movie is, the font works.

The Silent Hill one you did is really great- I love when scale is played with. A HUGE newspaper cutout is very eye-catching. There's very little I don't like about it. Perhaps brighten it up just a hair- It's a LITTLE dull. But that's it.

Shalimar said...

I think I agree with paul, on the V poster. But spoke about that before.