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Top Ten 2005 [Shalimar]

Here is a collection of what my favorite posters from '05 are. I tried not to pick the same posters as Laz. He chose some of my favorites, but I wanted to show a bit more variaty.

10. Darwin's Nightmare. In browsing through, I saw this poster. I like it mainly because its one of few posters that are not photoshopped to the edge of oblivion. It reminds me of old Hitchcock posters. Its minimalist, with a strong concept and a clear message, and you can never go wrong with black and red.

9. House of D. Similar to number 10, this is a very graphic poster. I love the colors, and the composition. It makes good use of scale and all the elements in it. The tag line works great with the imagery. The silhouette of Erykah Badu has these almost violent brush stroke coming out the back, which resemble angel wings, which is nice and subtle. If I could make certain changes to it, they would be the size of the actors names on the top.

8. Batman Begins. The photo in this poster is at a unique angle that you don't see very often, but its the perfect angle if Batman was coming down upon you for selling crack or something. He is almost silhouetted, which makes it a very recognizable poster from across the street, or driving by it in New York. You immediately know what it is. The title treatment is simple and clean, and lets the viewer be excited about the imagery without having over stylized letters.

7. Bewitched. Personally, I love teaser posters, and this will be one of two on my list. Without knowing that there was a Bewitched movie coming out, you can look at this poster and know immediately what its about. Its so simple, and clean. Very nicely executed. Good choice using the Didot typeface for the actors names. Light delicate font that doesn't attract too much attention, but gets the point across that there are big stars in the movie. Doesn't even need to say the name on it. Too bad the movie didn't live up to its poster.

6. Capote. If you ever read In Cold Blood, you most likely saw this movie, and would definitely understand what is going on in the poster. This photo commands the poster, and the type treatment is slightly cliche to a 'writer' but it doesn't seem cliche here. The desolate house in the background is the perfect amount of allusion to Capote's In Cold Blood, and the colors the poster give you the feel of that era, and a creepy detachment to normality.

5. Ellie Parker. I never saw this movie, I just saw the poster and trailer for it. She is a struggling actress in Hollywood basically. I really like the hand drawn feel of the poster. The way they set up her name on the Hollywood Hills is great. Overall, I just think this is a fun poster. If I had seen the movie, I might have had some more to say about it.

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This is teaser poster number 2. I am not too sure why I love this poster, besides that maybe I am a bit biased as to I love the Harry Potter movies. (never read the books though, too lazy) But besides that, I think it accomplished what it was out to do, and that is get kids and adults excited about seeing the movie. When I saw it, I was really excited by it. Its a great photo, and as you can tell already, I am a sucker for silhouettes. Its very well executed and I think it served its purpose.

3. Inside Deep Throat. This is by far the sexiest poster of 2005. My favorite thing about it is the strong forms the lips and teeth make. It is unmistakable. Its a beautiful and graphic image. The type is clean and to the point, with subtle changes in color and size. Its sexy, in a both human and design sense.

2. November. This poster to me was the most intriguing of all the ones I've seen. It has the creepy feeling to it, and I thought use of the slides in a slide sheet was very clever, and not over designed. Also a good picture of Courteney Cox, where she doesn't look all made up. Also the subtleties, like the slide above her, hand holding a gun, makes you really want to see what the third slide is. Its good story telling.

1. Syriana. The first time I saw this poster it caught my attention, and everytime I look at it now, I can see why. A political thriller about the oil wars, this poster alludes to oil with the splatters, and how it is "shutting up" Clooney's face. I am also a big fan of street art, it influences me alot, and I see that influence in this poster. It is very stylized, but that doesn't seem to bother me at all here. So I think this was the most effective poster of 05.


Laz said...

I like your choices, A few were also going to be on my list but i skipped out on them last minute. Not too sure I agree with you on Capote and Ellie Parker though. But Most of yours are very much great. I agree with your number 1. It's a standout for 2005.

Paul said...

Good list. I have no idea what my list would / will be. I don't think I agree with you on would barely make the top 10 for me. The typesetting is pretty weak for me...especially the names. It's high contrast, which is cool- but I'm not sure why. Ripping out body parts rocks though.