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[10.3.06] First Challenge

Ok kids. Here is our first art challenge.

This month, we are creating self portraits in the style of Egon Schiele. But there is a tweest!!! It must be done in a comic book page format. WTF? Yes... self portrait in comic book format. Just one page, please. Don't ask for more details, just doo it! No rules! Go nuts and see what happens. I wonder how many of us will utilize the same solutions, and how many of us will just do something soooo unexpected.

Can't wait to see what we come up with! Here is a good link with Schiele info and more images. Remember, due back in a month! [11.3.06] No posting before then!

Schiele on Artchive


Shalimar said...

Ofcourse you had to go and pick one of my favorite artists of all time, you douchen bomber. Ill see you on N O V 3

Alexandra said...

Keep complaining and I'll change it lol


Laz said...

i love schiele!! and comics! woop woop.. i already figured it out.. :) yyaaaaay!