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I thought it would be fun to pick out our favorite posters from out birth year. And I think it was a bad idea. Because they all suck, and we were basically all born in 1985, for the most part. But since I have nothing to do, I will post the ones I thought were digestible. In no particular order.

Man With One Red Shoe: Simply strange that its one red lonely shoe illustration, and the lace is lit like its a bomb. It caught my attention right away, and really stands apart from all the other posters in 85. I am not sure how well it tells the story of the movie, but it is intriguing on some level.

Breakfast Club: Not sure if its because its one of my favorite movies of all time, or because it moght be a good poster. But what I can see, is that its a great use of actors, each of there poses reflects the character clearly. I'm not to hot on the title treatment. The thicks and thins of that typeface puts me off.

The Color Purple: I really enjoy the illustration and the type of purple it is against that sun in the window. The title treatment doesn't distract from the intensity of the imagery, but yes its visible and clear. That fonts seems to pop up a lot in the 80s.

Now, for the worst poster of '85. My vote goes too:

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